5 Tips For Finding The Best Residential Moving Company

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It’s time to move. You’ve sold your house and now you’re looking for a safe, reliable and trusted residential moving company. You may find that doing so, well, it can be tough. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) receives thousands of complaints about moving companies annually. You always hear about people who complain that they hired movers who did not live up to their expectations.

But let’s face it, no customer can be satisfied if the mover damaged or lost their goods during transit. Sometimes it’s out of the movers hands – but most of the time it’s in their hands.

Start Your Search Early

The earlier you begin shopping for a local mover, the more the chances that you’ll be able to save money by scheduling ahead of time. When you do things in a rush, unfortunately you don’t get the luxury of choice in pricing. The best moving companies are typically booked out a week or more. Save money and time, be among those who book in advance. Many companies even offer discounts for booking further in advance. Also, it’s a good idea to pick the less busy months to make your move — when moving costs are at their minimum. Overall, be flexible if you want to garner maximum benefits from the moving process.

Before you hire any mover for moving your home goods, check out these tips on how to choose an excellent residential moving company:

1. Ask Someone You Trust if They Know of Any Moving Companies They’re Happy With

The vetting process begins with a reference from friends and colleagues. Even your boss can likely recommend a moving company. You may want to use the moving services that your friends have used before. That way, you have confidence that your needs will be served. Movers can recommend other movers. The best referrals are those individuals who have used moving services for some time. They get to know about the best practices and recommend them to you. 

2. Research Moving Companies Online

When you can’t get information on moving companies from people you know personally, it’s time to jump on the computer and try searching on the internet. Once you have prepared a shortlist of movers, begin checking out their websites. Narrow down your search using the qualities that you expect the mover to have. The following questions will prepare you for receiving an accurate quote when calling the companies you find in search results. These questions will also help you decide on which company to hire, and whether you need long-distance or local movers to handle your moving.

  • What items do you want to move?
  • How many movers will you require to move your items?
  • Are you doing a local move or crossing state lines?
  • What is the overall rating of the company as per customer reviews?
  • What do individual reviews reveal?
  • Have you checked reviews on multiple sites?
  • Are you going to be packing your items or will the moving company help packing boxes?

Take your time to find every detail about the local movers you’re about to hire – you need to ensure your goods are in good hands.

3. Capabilities of a Moving Company

The best way to find a mover that will serve you according to your expectations is always to be specific. Stay focused during the search. Don’t settle for any mover nearby or the first one that shows up in Google. You want to know if the mover can move a piano. Can they move your whole home? Will you require more than one mover? It is essential to identify the most critical service before you choose the moving company. Find someone who can work within your timelines. This applies to time-critical moving requirements.

4. Company Culture and Service Quality

What’s the mover’s track record? Moving companies that stress quality adherence are the best to hire. Such firms want to protect their portfolio, and they will do so at all costs. If you can find the mover’s testimonials, read through them. Social platforms reveal a lot of information about companies. The way they respond to customers’ concerns is an indicator of their ability to deliver according to their mission statement. Take the trouble to call the company’s offices and request to know their credentials. 

5. How Much The Moving Company Charges

While the service fee may not be a clear indicator of the abilities of the company, don’t get exploited. A caring mover will be honest and give accurate moving estimates. Good local, as well as residential Minneapolis movers, will explain how they arrived at the cost estimates. You will find different offers that can be flexible enough to fit your budget. Compare the quotes from different movers. 

Negotiate The Rates You’re Provided

Sometimes your luck lies in your negotiation skills. Talk with the mover’s representatives and try to see if they can give you better deals. For instance, some movers consider first time clients, students, return customers, and so on. If the quotes are a little higher than what you are willing to spend, don’t walk away. Let the mover know what you can afford. They may bring down the prices to accommodate you.  

If you choose the right mover, your goods will be transported safely. Get the mover who will honor their pledges at all times. The first time may seem stressful. However, once you have found a reliable mover, you can use their services several afterward. The effort put in searching for a good mover will pay off when you finally get your goods to the desired destination. You can become a referee who will help other friends when they need moving services. 

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