8 Tips on How to Sell an Ugly House When It’s Very Thought Churns Your Stomach

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It’s time to sell your house, but there’s a problem: It’s ugly. Embarrassingly ugly.

Do you wonder who in their right mind would buy it? It’s stressing you out because you need it sold – like yesterday.

Good news is there are ways to sell an ugly house fast. Even better news, there are people in the market for a house exactly like yours.

Ready to get started? Let’s look at how you can offload your ugly house and get money for it fast.

1. Focus on the Positive

Even if your home is ugly, it’s bound to have features that potential buyers would love. Focusing the attention on why they should buy the house will help them see past the why not’s.

Does it have wood floors that are in good condition? Was the roof replaced recently? Are there two bathrooms when most of the homes in the area have one?

Point out these positive features in your listing and, if possible, take good pictures of them to show off. Making a good first impression will help bring buyers through the door.

2. Don’t Hide the Flaws

Honesty truly is the best policy, especially when you’re trying to sell an ugly house. While it’s tempting to only talk about the good and hide the bad, that plan will likely backfire later on.

Whether it be through a tour of the home or a house inspection, the bad will eventually show itself one way or the other.

If you didn’t disclose that information in the beginning, it will make you look shifty. The buyer may then wonder what else you’re hiding and choose to walk away.

Being transparent about the house will avoid surprises and any delays resulting from it.

3. The Right Price

If you know your ugly house is going to be tough to sell, why would you list it for top dollar? When it comes to setting the price, think about it from the buyer’s perspective.

A buyer will likely have to sink a bunch of money into the home to give it the renovation it needs. Even if it’s the ugly house in the most desirable neighborhood, that kind of home will not sell for the same price as others in the area.

Do research on what a reasonable price will be. For an ugly house, a reasonable price will sell faster than top dollar.

4. Do a Deep Cleaning

An ugly house doesn’t mean it has to be a dirty house. In fact, the cleaner it is, the more appealing it will be to potential buyers.

Roll up your sleeves and start scrubbing!

Shampoo the carpets and wipe down the walls. Get rid of any smells by cleaning with bleach. Wipe out the cabinets and make the windows sparkle.

Don’t forget about the exterior! Mow the lawn and trim any shrubbery. And if needed, a good power wash is always a good idea.

Don’t want to do the work yourself? Hire professionals or bride friends to help with the promise of a pizza party.

5. Declutter the House

When trying to sell an ugly house fast, buyers have got to be able to picture themselves living in the home. But that’s not going to happen if they can’t see past all your stuff.

Now’s the time to declutter the house. You’re moving anyway, so consider this as a head start on the moving process.

Rent a storage unit or moving pod and start filling it with things you don’t need on a daily basis. Remove bulky furniture and all your knickknacks. Depersonalize by packing up family photos and mementos.

Then get rid of all trash, both inside and out. The cleaner and more streamlined the home is, the faster it will sell.

6. Know Your Audience

Many buyers are looking for a move-in ready home. That alone is going to limit your buyers’ market. So instead, target those looking for a fixer-upper to sell your home fast.

Real estate investors and house flippers are looking for a home just like yours. They’re more likely to buy the home in as-is condition. And many times they’ll buy the house with cash for an even quicker sell.

With that in mind, use the right keywords in your listing to grab their attention. Words such as “Fixer-Upper”, “Investors Wanted!”, and “Sold As-Is” will do the trick.

7. Make Small Upgrades

Even the smallest new details of a home can make a big difference, especially in an ugly house. The best news is, it doesn’t have to break your budget.

A fresh coat of paint is cheap and easy to do. Update the fixtures in the bathrooms and kitchen or lay down new carpet.

Even making small repairs will make the place look better. Patch up any holes in the wall. Or fix that broken backdoor.

Upgrading the outdoors is an area any potential buyer will enjoy because they could see it as something checked off the list of what they’d have to do themselves. New flowers, added bushes, or planting a new tree for shade are all considered upgrades.

8. Consider a Facelift

If you want to go a little bigger then small upgrades, consider giving your home a fresh facelift with new siding. While it’s not the cheapest option, it will make a great first impression.

New siding will be attractive to all home buyers, even those looking to flip the house. It’s one less thing they’d have to do and that’s always a good selling point.

Plus, it will give your home a fresher, newer appearance, which might open the door to a few more potential buyers.

Just be careful not to overspend. Your home will still need a lot of renovations, even with the new siding. So you don’t want to spend more than what you could get back in the house sale.

Show Your Ugly House as a Diamond in the Rough

What you see as an ugly house, someone else sees as their future treasure. By using these tips, you can showcase your home to the right buyer and get it sold fast!

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